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Archer Street, Soho.

Archer Street, Soho.

Tuesday 15th April sees Soho’s Archer Street host the final of Archer Street’s Got Talent, where eight of their, as of yet, undiscovered singers battle it out for the grand title. And who’s heading up the judging panel? None other than West End superstar Michael Ball. It’s set to be a big night.

The winner will be crowned the ‘Voice of Soho’. The contest has been running for the past four months, with members of the public taking to the stage in a bid to win the £5,000 prize.

Michael Ball will join Brenda Edwards, Senior Executive Radio Producer and Editor Mike Hanson and X Factor Creative Director Tim Gething on the judging panel at the Archer Street event, which will be hosted by the venue’s very own Will Pecoe and Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crips star Natalie Casey.

Archer Street was the go-to place for the London creative scene during the 1920s and 1930s. Many will know that a lot of the employees at Archer Street are up and coming singers working in and around theatre contracts, so where better to find the ‘Voice of Soho’?

It’s set to be a unique event, and who knows, maybe it’s a chance to see the next big thing on the British music scene before anyone else!

Archer Street’s Got Talent
Tickets: £10 with free drink on arrival
FINAL: Tuesday 15th April
Entry from 7.30pm performances to begin from 9pm

Archer Street
3-4 Archer Street
020 7734 3342

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