Battling The Bulge

BATD ON Aug 22, 2013 AT 4:05 pm

Harry and JT give good bulge, or do they?

Visible Mobile Line (or VML) is fast becoming the male counterpart to the equally-as-unsightly VPL. Just as women (well, most of them) are slowly coming to terms with the idea that (showing) less is more, men around the world seem have taken to flaunt their own wares by way of swollen, vibrating pockets.  And it’s just not ok.

Which is why O2, with the help of Huawei have teamed up with George Lamb – he of skinny-jean-wearing TV fame – in an attempt to quash this trend before it takes on epidemic proportions and showcase how even with mobile phone in tow, you can cut a sleek silhouette*.

(*Because really boys, if Justin Timberlake, Brad Pitt and Harry Styles can’t pull it off, neither can you).

Taking to the streets of East London, watch George Lamb as he takes on the battle of the bulge,  swapping offender’s bulky packets for the super slim, Huawei Ascend P6, which at just 6.18mm thick slips imperceptibly into the pocket – no matter how tight fitting – for a slimline look.

If you’ve seen enough and want to know more about how to beat VML with the Huawei Ascend P6  join us, and O2 at No More VML and help put an end to any unnecessary bulges.

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