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by Annie Vischer

Best Fitness Apps

Best Fitness Apps

We took to Twitter this week after the launch of Maria Sharapova’s New Year’s Crush workout app for Nike+, to find out what fitness apps everyone is using as we head into the new year. It has never been easier to dive head first into a world of training and fitness, and all without the tie of a costly gym membership! Here’s a roundup of most popular out there at the moment. Keep the recommendations coming to @Beautyanthedirt and we shall let you know each time we add to the list.

Maria Sharapova’s New Year’s Crush Work Out for Nike+

Maria Sharapova’s New Year’s Crush Workout coincides with the updated N+TC App. The workout is designed by Sharapova’s very own strength and conditioning coach Yutaka Nakamura and features exercises that the tennis star uses herself to mantain and improve her fitness. Only 15 minutes long, the workout slots in easily to any daily routine, whether you take yourself through it before your morning shower, use it to give you a boost at lunchtime or as an evening workout session.

The workout is made up of five drills, all designed to work each body area evenly and effectively. Maria Sharapova takes users through each move, taking the workout through a total body workout that looks in particular to build core strength and condition the legs. It’s definitely a girl-friendly workout. And if you get a little distracted and end up gazing enviously at some of the en trend workout gear Miss Sharapova is sporting throughout the clips, well you can use the app to shop those too! Any excuse right?

My Fitness Pal

@BasilBamford and @maddoxhardcore sugguested My Fitness Pal. This app works as an incredibly detailed calorie counter and activity tracker. Not only can you search for foods as specific as Starbucks snacks, you can also scan the barcodes of foods as you shop and eat to tot up your calorie stats for the day, or pre-warn yourself of any nutritional pitfalls it may have before you buy. Pretty nifty right? You can also log activity sessions, whether it’s an hour playing tennis with a friend, five minutes hoovering your bedroom or two minutes running for the bus. You can log all your details when you first download the app, input your weight goals and the app will allow you to monitor your progress. It can get rather addictive, and the motivation factor is huge.

Zombies Run App

@sarahbettystyle introduced is to the Zombies Run App. It has over 750,000 users already and that population is growing. The app describes itself as a game, and if you get into it, that is indeed what it becomes. The process? Pop your headphones in and set off outdoors with the app. You’ll hear an introduction setting the scene for you, then the app will plunge into your music playlist and start its commentary. You’ll be prompted to ‘RUN!’ as zombies approach, will be able to steady the pace once you have evaded that particular bunch of zombies, and quicken your speed as you spot them again. Little congratulations will pass you by as you collect bottles of water and medi packs to keep you going. If you ever spent any time playing Tomb Raider and imagining yourself as Lara Croft, well this app has the same effect with the added bonus of an endorphin rush and calorie burning. It’s fun, and an entertaining way to develop a training routine.

RunKeeper App

@Bec_Pr has been using RunKeeper to optimise her workout sessions. The app allows you to plan the best route for your run, monitor your pace and progress, and share it all through social networking sites. From a safety perspective, the benefits are brilliant as friends will be able to see where you are running and when. It is perhaps one of the most use running apps around and it will be rather hard to pin down someone who hasn’t heard of it.

The 7 Minute Workout App

This 7 Minute Workout App already has BATD’s seal of approval, thanks @Aalia for the suggestion! If you thought you didn’t have enough time to exercise then think again. At just seven minutes long, each workout is easy to fit into whatever time schedule you are working with. Why not flick it on in the morning for a wake-me-up burst of energy, find a suitable training space at work or in a park to make the most of your lunch break, or even take time during your run to stretch and tone. The app is easy to use, motivational and fuss-free. Works for us!

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