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Bloom Treatment Plan

Bloom Treatment Plan

Bloom, an award winning luxury Tea company, have released a new daily Treatment Plan to help you through your day. The UK luxury tea company has produced 5 new, handcrafted teas with 100% natural ingredients with a focus on well being and aimed towards a healthy lifestyle choice.

The 5 different flavours have been formulated for body’s needs and each caters to what the body needs at specific times throughout the day. The first will give you a kickstart to your day with the Reawakening Breakfast Tea. You then take the a mid-morning drink with the Fragrant Green Tea followed by one at Lunch time tea with a Soothing White Tea to aid digestion using stomach cleansing ingredients like Peppermint, Fennel, White Tea, Aniseed. Energizing Earl Grey Tea is up next and helps restore concentration and energy levels and finally you can have the Caffeine Free Rooibos Tea in the evening, which is perfect to have before bed.

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You can buy the tea for each stage in boxes of 10 tea bags for £3.80 each or you can buy the whole Treatment Plan Boxset for £18 here >


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