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by Annie Vischer

Tabata training

Tabata training

Tabata was founded in Japan by Izumi Tabata (hence the name, if you were wondering). Izumi Tabata conducted a number of tests on two groups of athletes. One group performed moderate high intensity training at a constant rate, whilst the other performed high intensity interval training. The results were pretty conclusive. The group of athletes that trained at a moderate high intensity and at a constant rate improved their aerobic fitness, but their anaerobic fitness seemed to hae little to no mprovement. In stark contrast, the group of athletes that performed high intensity interval training showed considerable improvement in both their aerobic and anaerobic fitness. The conclusion? Train in intervals.

Izumi Tabata then set about designing a routine to make the most of his research. Here is the basic outline:

4 minutes long (the whole Tabata session)

20 seconds intense training

10 seconds rest

8 rounds of this ratio (20 intense training : 10 seconds rest)

You can work this into any mostly any form of exercise that you’re doing, whether it’s out running, swimming or in the gym. It’s a method the Bodyism trainers are on board with. I learned about the training method during my sessions and I have practised it on the bike, the cross trainer, whilst doing squats and on the Versa-Climber (not at the same time obviously!). You’d have to be fairly talented to accomplish that.

Tabata Pro

Tabata Pro

Download the Tabata Pro training app to time your intervals to perfection. You’ll have the Tabata practise down to a tea after only a few sessions, and eventually it will become second nature. (Find out about our favourite fitness apps here).

The hardest part of this training is really pushing yourself during the intense section. I have a seriously competitive streak, which really comes in useful when I have to make myself work. It’s always going to be easier if there’s a trainer by your side. During the Bodyism sessions you can expect a trainer to call you out when you are dropping pace, give you a digital stat on the piece of equipment to aim for, and remind you to keep your core engaged as you go. If you are doing this at home or in the gym sans trainer, just run through each ‘must’ in your head beforehand and you’ll do just fine.

The best thing about this training? 20 seconds goes by so quickly. The worst? 10 seconds rest goes by even quicker. The combination means that each Tabata session passes as a whole very quickly too, and this then encourages you to pack more varieties of exercise into your training time. Just think how easy it is to spend half an hour jogging along on the cross trainer or treadmill, when there are some decent music videos on the TV fixed to the machine. You might feel smug and saintly as you step off, but the reality? It will have had little impact compared to that that a few Tabata sessions could have had.

Combine with core strength exercises such as in the Bodyism Buttock Firming Workout video below presented by Performance Specialist and Dynamic Pilates Specialist Dmitri Tkatchev and Director of Communications Tegan Haining, for a well-rounded workout.

And if you happened to notice the Bodyism clothing range that Tegan was sporting in that video, you can get your hands on it right here.

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Adena Legging (£80.00), ‘I Am Shiny’ Legging in Blue (£80.00), ‘I Am Confident’ Lily Sports Bra (£40.00).

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