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by Annie Vischer

New to Bodyism, BATD’s Annie Vischer is about to find out what it takes to get that enviable long, lean and healthy body the right way. Get to know Annie in this quick introduction and keep up with her weekly Bodyism Diaries features for an insight into training with the Bodyism team and living the Clean and Lean lifestyle…


I am going to begin by saying that I’m already a bit of a gym bunny. I love going to the gym. It completely relaxes me, and if I’m feeling stressed or tense beforehand I know I won’t be afterwards. Gotta love those endorphins! I have always been rather active. I grew up in the countryside and if I wasn’t playing hockey, netball or tennis at school, I’d be riding the horses and walking the dogs at home. I went straight from school to university, where I competed on both the equestrian team and the lacrosse team, for which I trained each week. When I first arrived in London, the lack of exercise hit me hard. Going straight to work, sitting relatively immobile at a desk all day, then getting the tube back home to sit on the sofa and watch TV was a lifestyle that just didn’t suit me. As soon as I got my membership, the gym became part of my routine, and something that’s essential not only for my physical health, but for my well being.

All that being said, I do seem to have come into some rather bad habits. I have developed rather a good level of fitness with my routines so for, but I have got comfortable. For instance my favourite routine at the moment is coming in, getting settled on the cross trainer for a good 45 minutes, then skipping over to the mat and doing a few sit ups and leg raises. I know this all sounds very virtuous, but sticking to exactly the same routine each day, working the same muscle groups at the same intensity, isn’t going to benefit me a great deal in the long run. As much as I am disciplined in visiting the gym, I have plateaued. Those inches on the hips and unwanted curviness on the thighs stands little chance of disappearing if I don’t shake it up a bit.

Food wise, it’s all been a bit of a roller coaster. I used to model and after accidentally dropping a lot of weight due to university finals nerves, I noticed that I was being signed to more editorial jobs. I quickly associated eating very little with looking better, so for a long time I seriously cut down on my food intake. It wreaked havoc with my metabolism and I found it harder and harder to keep the weight off. As a beauty journalist you quickly get clued up about nutrition and I knew I had to change my daily diet for a healthier life in the long term. I gradually built up my daily menu until I got into the routine of having a good breakfast, lunch and dinner each day. Et voila! Here I am, a new girl of the sensible eating variety. Now it’s time to really concentrate in exactly what I am eating, and how it can benefit me.

So the aim of the game at the moment? Tone, tighten and lengthen, whilst giving my body everything it needs to stay in peak condition. And this is where Bodyism comes in to play. BATD has long been a fan of Bodyism and now it’s my chance to find out why. James Duigan, the creator of Bodyism has spent the last 10 years developing the method that has seen him receive glowing endorsements from the likes of Elle Macpherson, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Hugh Grant. His programme and diet books pay attention to one’s all round wellbeing, taking into consideration exercise, diet and even stress levels.


My first port of call on my Bodyism journey? My Kindle. James Duigan’s hugely successful Clean & Lean Diet (£5.99) book is now available as an e-book on Amazon. New additions such as new recipes and new contributions from celebrity clients make it well worth a purchase, even for those already in possession of the original publication. I’ll be diving in at the deep end with the 2 week kick start next week, so stay tuned for the weekly features. Until then, wish me luck!





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