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by Annie Vischer

Bodyism Diaries: Week 2

Bodyism Diaries: Week 2

Now as you’ll remember from my feature last week, this Monday was supposed to mark the start of the 2 week Clean & Lean Cleanse. I was ready to go. Full throttle. I was armed with my Clean & Lean e-book (£5.99, available on Amazon) on my Kindle, I had completed one of my sessions with the fabulous Tegan Haining at the Bodyism base at The Bulgari Hotel in Knightsbridge, and I had my shopping list all ready, a concise account of everything I would need see me set for the first week.

And then I was taken down by the dreaded lurgy. I don’t generally get ill but I was floored by this particular spell. A couple of sick days ensued. I huddled up in bed for the first, a tad shaky and generally feeling very sorry for myself. Of course I reverted back to being a little girl in need of her mummy and spent a good number of phone calls mewling down the phone to my parents who coaxed and comforted as needed. And then I set about getting better!

Luckily for me the fabulous Bodyism team were on hand to help with some seriously savvy advice. Their top tips? See below why don’t you…

Prevent illness through exercise – Increased blood circulation during exercise heightens the flow of immune cells in the body helping them fight off infection and bacteria much more quickly. Keep a regular exercise routine going throughout winter to really boost your own natural protection against bugs and viruses.

Eat foods rich in Vitamin A – Vitamin A is one of the vitamins most adept at strengthening your immune system. Foods rich in Vitamin A include pumpkins and squash – there should be plenty about to get cooking with this week (hello Halloween!).

Go crazy for kale – Kale is rich in both Vitamin A and Vitamin C, the Batman and Robin of bug fighting vitamins. It is also rich in anti-oxidants and contains folate, which is a form of folic acid that once again, aids that hardy immune system of yours.

Start taking a daily multivitamin supplement to bolster those defences - The Clean & Lean MultiOptimum supplement is packed with Vitamin C, folic acid, iron, Vitamin B, Vitamin E and zinc. Simply take two capsules a day with a main meal.

Make sure you get your beauty sleep – There’s a reason why Sleeping Beauty was called just that. 100 years of sleep? She must have been absolutely glowing! We can’t really manage that, but why not settle for at least 8 hours each night? For most people it’s the perfect amount to fully recover and rest from whatever excitement has been going on that day.

For more ‘stay well’ clean and lean tips from the Bodyism team, take a look at their blog where you’ll also find some fab immune boosting recipes to try out.

For me? It’s back to bed for some rest. The Clean & Lean cleanse has been sabotaged for now but never fear! Next week it begins in full force, show me the Body Brilliance!


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