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by Annie Vischer

So the first week of the Clean & Lean cleanse was down and done by the time I had finished my last Bodyism Diaries entry, and now? Well the second week has been and gone too. As you know it was the lack of fruit that really got to me, as well as making an effort to eat a lot more protein than I would normally work into my daily menu before. But it really was not that much of a hardship, because I really started to feel the benefit of my new routine. My energy levels were high and constant throughout the day, without any dips or sluggish moments. The combination of the well balanced diet and efficient exercise routines sent my metabolism rocketing and of course the ‘I’m such a good girl’ satisfaction factor was huge and highly enjoyable.

Screen shot 2013-11-19 at 12.10.06

See, Body Brilliance and the Bodyism Band on the dressing table, evidence of my dedication!

Best of all, I was mid way through the second week when the Victoria’s Secret Fashion 2013 landed. As a beauty and fashion journalist, this has to be covered. Cue the long and envy inducing process of sifting through the plethora of catwalk images and deciding which ones to feature. Twitter was ablaze with phrases such as ‘Flicking through the #VSFashionShow pics whist eating pizza…not the one’ and ‘Seriously regretting that takeout now I’ve seen Candice Swanepoel in the Fantasy Bra’. I would never advocate comparing yourself to other people. Everyone has a different body type, it doesn’t make sense. My body is no where near Victoria’s Secret standard at all, but after two weeks on the Clean & Lean cleanse, I knew that, just like the Victoria’s Secret models, it was looking the best that it could look at that specific time. I am not yet in what I would call my own peak condition, but that comes with time.

Victoria's Secret Angel Candice Swanepoel

Victoria’s Secret Angel Candice Swanepoel

What made the pre-show headlines last year were the examples of the models’ discipline and physical dedication to honing their bodies to be the best they can be. Twitter pictures and Instagram snaps abounded of post kick boxing session sweats, greener than green smoothies and the numerous bottles of water downed in a day. Sound familiar? Core strengthening exercises, nutrient packed food and hydration, it’s Clean & Lean all over. Maintaining their fitness and figures part of the job for these girls, so they have the time and motivation to do so to the highest levels. But what the two week cleanse teaches you is that a Clean & Lean lifestyle is not only attainable for a 9-5 office worker as well as a full time model, but enjoyable to boot.

The Clean & Lean book is packed full with delicious recipes to try, that will vary up your ‘lean meat and greens’ combos. The exercises (also in the book) are achievable and effective. After only two weeks by legs are noticeably more lean and toned, and my fitness levels higher.

All in all the 14 day Clean & Lean cleanse revives your body and gives it back the fat burning abilities that it might have lost through eating over-processed foods, lack of hydration and over working your body at the gym. It is also an effective mental kick start. Once you see the benefits (which you will) something clicks and you understand what foods keep your body going, what exercises work the right muscles and how much water and sleep you need to really function well throughout the day. My next Bodyism Diaries entries will follow on from this super cleansed starting point as I work to take Clean & Lean from a two week cleanse to a full-time lifestyle. Watch out Adriana Lima!

Luckily for us, in keeping wit the super model theme of the week, the Bodyism team have come up with a Clean & Lean Supermodel Smoothie to bring out our inner Victoria’s Secret Angel in all of us. The recipe appears here on their Bodyism Blog and is packed full of nutrient packed super greens and hydrating components.


  • 1 scoop Clean & Lean Beauty Food
  • small handful of kale
  • small handful of spinach
  • half a cucumber
  • half a celery
  • 1 teaspoon of grated fresh ginger
  • a squeeze of lime
  • a sprig of mint, plus to extra to decorate
  • 250ml of water
  • ice


Blend all the ingredients together and serve immediately.

And what’s more, Tegan Haining and Dmitri Tkatchev have put together a video on the Bodyism YouTube channel that takes you through the perfect set of exercises to tone your way to a a runway worthy flat tummy.

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