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by Annie Vischer

Staying Clean & Lean at work

I’m into my fifth week of being a clean and lean girl and feeling pretty darned good with it. The cleanse has been and gone, now it’s all about maintaining the lifestyle. This is, in part, fairly easy. The cleanse teaches you to recognise which foods make you feel great and when, and what sorts of foods can cause energy slumps, bloating and cravings. And there are a few of them!

The exercises taught to me by the wonderful Bodyism team at The Bulgari Hotel in Knightsbridge are making a huge difference to my core strength. I used to dread the word ‘plank’ leaving my trainer’s mouth, and in my latest sessions find myself marvelling at the fact that I now don’t collapse to the floor as soon as my time is up. It’s a small accomplishment, but the sort that really pushes me to keep the progress coming.

If I could improve one thing about my daily routine though, it would be to start combatting my 9-5 office routine. The day starts off well with a 20 minute up-hill walk in the morning that gives me back a hint of my country-girl rose-blushed cheeks, and as my working day comes to an end I am virtually skipping out of the door in anticipation of some evening exercise, whether it’s a Bodyism session, a hockey match or a routine visit to the gym. As for the good nine hours in between? Well I’d rather not think about it.

Save for nipping out to press events and interviews, my time is spent sitting in front of my computer, barely moving a muscle. Sitting at home on the sofa for the same amount of time would make even the most cosied up of us feel more than a tiny bit lazy. But I’m working hard, I’m tapping away at my keyboard, taking calls, I’m getting tired whilst physically doing very little.

Luckily for me, the lovely Bodyism Performance Specialist, Rebecca Gentry was on hand to advise me (and you of course!) on how best to combat the side effects of a desk job. Here are Rebecca’s top tips:

Your Clean & Lean Work Kit

Your Clean & Lean Work Kit


Cath Kidston Tupperware Boxes (£8.00), Pukka Detox Tea (2.29), Bobble Water Jug (£17.95), Clean & Lean Diet Book Kindle Edition (£5.00), Bodyism Band (£12.00).

BYOL (bring your own lunch) - Prepare, prepare, prepare…the easiest way to falter when it comes to being healthy is by being stuck for what to eat at a meal time when you’re not at home. Nipping to the local supermarket to grab a pre-packed sandwich or salad can be more problematic than you’d think. Most have hidden ingredients, additives and preservatives that more than likely are not part of a clean and lean lifestyle and your will power could be tested by the offerings they have. By preparing your next days meals the night before you can plan and stick to your diet and feel happy with what you eat, not to mention proud.

Stay hydrated - Have a bottle of filtered water close by. Often when you’re sitting for hours on end at a desk in front of a computer your mind wanders to wanting a hunger as a reward/reason for a break. However, dehydration can be mistaken for hunger, if you have eaten proper means it is more likely that you need a drink.  Take a few sips of water and wait a few minutes to see if you still need food.

Keep sugar cravings at bay - Keep some raw nuts or seeds in your drawer/work kitchen so that if you feel a hunger pang come on you don’t run to a vending machine for chocolate/a refined sugar quick-fix. Soaking the nuts will activate them meaning they release their minerals and nutrients to you easier. You can be proud to pull these out and feel energised when the rest of your office tucks into sweets and cakes around the 3pm slump time!

Get active every hour - Every hour get up from your desk and walk around to get the blood pumping around the whole body. Go somewhere quiet (perhaps the bathroom) and stretch your body out-your arms, back, chest and neck particularly. If you’re really feeling tired and low on energy take a few minutes to get some fresh air and breath it deeply filling your lungs. Our Bodyism mini-bands are amazing for a mid afternoon energise: take ten minutes to do some lateral band walks, some Ys and Ts (see the Clean & Lean Diet Book for these exercises and more) and some squats to really invigorate your body and hopefully your mind too!

Cut the caffeine - Don’t get sucked into the office coffee run or continuous pots of tea. If you can’t kick the habit totally make it known you prefer organic coffee with either full fat milk/cream/coconut oil (this activates the caffeine for longer so can help you cut back if you crave the energy giving side of it). If people around you know your preferences they will be less inclined to grab you the latest seasonal sugar-filled latte! If you drink tea try to cut down to a couple of cups a day black or with full fat milk- don’t have skimmed or semi skimmed milk as there tends to be more chemicals in these as they’ve been treated to make them lower in fat. Switching to green tea or herbal teas, such as fresh mint, nettle and fennel from organic brands such as TeaPigs or Pukka can be great for your digestive system as well as helping you hydrate instead of  dehydrate (too much caffeine can leave you very dehydrated).

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