Bring on the Aunt Bessie’s!

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Aunt Bessies

Aunt Bessies

by Debbie Djordjevic

I love cooking. Gorgeous cakes, mouthwatering starters, labour intensive but beautifully put together main meals and even the occasional scoop of home-made ice cream have been known to appear from my kitchen when I have people to entertain. But entertaining is something I do only occasionally.

On a daily basis, like most other working mothers, I feed people. I feed my kids, I feed my partner, I even have to feed the fish and cats as no-one else will do it. This is ‘chore cooking’ and means I spend my mornings, while my daughters are curling their hair and putting on their make-up, scrabbling in the freezer for inspiration and my lunchtimes, shopping for veg.

Aunt Bessies Roast Potatoes

Aunt Bessies Roast Potatoes

So, having said that, anything that takes the hard work out of a few week-time meals is a boon, and being asked to test out a selection of products from Aunt Bessie’s frozen food range really wasn’t a chore and fitted into my weekly routine perfectly.

Although my family don’t get the labour intensive meals that my weekend guests do, I do try to make sure that there’s variety and the foods are as healthy as possible – not always easy when you have fussy eaters. So the idea of doing a roast, normally reserved for us on a Sunday lunchtime, I knew would appeal to everyone so long as it took a small amount of time to prepare. This is when Aunt Bessie’s really came into their own. For a fiver I managed to buy a bag of mashed carrot & swede, their famous ‘homestyle’ roast potatoes, 12 irresistable (their words not mine) yorkshires and a dessert that’s new to the range, bramley apple and blackberry crumble which came in a generous family size.

Aunt Bessies Yorkshire Pudding

Aunt Bessies Yorkshire Pudding

It being a Tuesday not a Sunday, I must confess the crumble is still in the freezer, as even we can’t manage such a filling pud after a roast on a school night. What a joy it proved, however, being able to leave my peeling knife firmly in the drawer. The potatoes were light and fluffy, as were the yorkshires, and the carrot & swede combo was full of flavour (I was concerned that it may be a bit bland). So the food was more than up to scratch (these yorkshire’s are yum, mum, was the general concensus) and all I had had to do was roast a chicken, do some french beans and make some gravy.

Aunt Bessie will definitely find her way into my supermarket trolley again. Down with the tyrany of vegetable preparation for a family of four. My weekday meals will still be healthy but I won’t feel nearly as stressed out by them now I know that somewhere in my freezer compartment there will be a selection of side dishes that have had all the hard work done for me. I will also be slipping them into my more involved weekend entertaining sessions. Can they please make a self carving chicken now?

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