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Mimi ON Mar 04, 2011 AT 8:46 am

Oliver Bonas Vintage-style Cake Stand

Oliver Bonas Vintage-style Cake Stand

March is Ovarian Cancer awareness month and I am craving this delightful vintage-style cake stand to serve my homemade mouth-watering cakes; okay, you caught me. I can’t make tea cakes. However, I can still serve delicious store bought ones on my gorgeous new cake stand.

You can also enjoy afternoon tea with a gorgeous, vintage-style cake stand. For £29, £2 of each sale goes to the charity.

Each year in the UK 6,700 cases of ovarian cancer are diagnosed. Research shows that in excess of 70% of women will survive for more than five years if the cancer is found in its early stages.

Visit starting March 10th to order your vintage-style cake stand and make your contribution today to raise awareness of Ovarian Cancer and fund research.

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