Cancer – making a difference with little big things

Mimi ON Oct 15, 2012 AT 9:32 am

Cancer is common but thankfully now so is survival! Treatment in all it’s forms can be fairly gruelling and then there’s the psychological effects and the effect that is had on your family, friends and relationships in general. You can never get enough support and information from others who have been through it and from experts who make it their day-to-day business to help.

Make a difference with Little Big Things

With this in mind AXA PPP healthcare have launched a new Facebook App in the form of a pin board where you can get tons of information, add your own tips and also share and comment on those you find the most inspiring or helpful. It is designed to highlight coping techniques which are often quite small but can make a big, big difference to someone who is fighting cancer. The AXA PPP healthcare’s little big things pin board also allows you to add your stories and pictures and is launched as part of a six week long focus on cancer support across the AXA PPP healthcare social media channels. During these six weeks they will be holding a series of live, expert web discussions on the condition and have lots of practical information on Facebook, Twitter, it’s blog and the dedicated Cancer Centre.

If you are affected by cancer in anyway and want to share information with others then this is a great place to visit and take part!

This is all part of a 6 week campaign starting today, Monday 15th October, so keep an eye out for the TV campaign. There is also a dedicated nurse service to provide extra support and up-to-the-minute advice from those in the know.

We also mustn’t forget the AXA PPP healthcare YouTube channel which discusses lots of extra tips and gives some great advice! Here is how a watering-can can really help…

How you can get involved!


Contribute to the pin board - spread the support and share your comment or tips that you find the most inspiring or helpful which lives on Facebook!

Join a live chat - all this week from 15-19 October live chats will be taking place with AXA PPP healthcare experts on a wide range of topics to do with cancer, from coping yourself and with relatives and friends, to specific forms of cancer and  nutrition and wellness. Keith Hern who is an AXA PPP healthcare member will be holding a live chat to discuss his throat cancer, his diagnosis in 2004 and his chest cancer in 2009.; He has written a book ‘Bangers and Mash’ and is the perfect person to give advice from a patients point-of-view. You can register for this and other chats on AXA PPP healthcare.

AXA PPP healthcare offers exceptional cancer support for its members and includes treatment of the condition at every stage, even if it recurs or spreads, no time limits or session limits are set on out-patient consultations, new cancer drugs as soon as they are licensed and a one-to-one dedicated cancer nurse service. The Facebook application supports a wider campaign where members share their tips on coping through TV advertising too.

Sign up to a chat, tell your friends about this campaign, check out the pin boards – we can all make a difference to someone!


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