Cat Speak

Mimi ON Jul 10, 2012 AT 12:31 pm

Mr Love & 'Cat Speak'

By Chrissy Iley 

How often have you wondered what your cat was thinking and thought if only he/she could talk? Of course they do talk but miaow brat miaow and purr. And at last now a translation.

Cat Speak is a fantastic guide book to recognising and understanding your cat’s needs and demands. Cats speak as much with their bodies as with voices and facial expressions.

My favourite chapter is ‘More than a thousand words; miaow has many meanings.’

It even tells you about the ultrasonic miaow – the mute miaow is not actually silent but it is at such a high frequency that we cannot hear it, however we can understand it – the cat opens his mouth wide and shuts it and this is a gentle pleading miaow.

The silent miaow and so many other things explains that when your cat miaows you can miaow back and have a perfect conversation. Mr Love enjoyed this very much. Miaow!

‘Cat Speak’ by Brigitte Rauth-Widmann is available for £12.24 here.

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