‘Enrobed’ Chocolate? Yes please!

Mimi ON Apr 26, 2011 AT 8:52 am

East india Company


East India Company has some wonderful chocolate gift indulgences for you to try. They have a great new line of ‘Enrobed’ chocolates, meaning amazingness, or for a more definitive it means that the chocolate has a combination of ginger, lemon or raspberry!

The range comes in nine flavours rather than having the original milk chocolate bunny, or endless amounts of Cadbury eggs. This range has chocolate encased fruits, spices and coffee beans and they all sound mouth wateringly good!

East india company

and more chocolate!

Here are a few of the new tasty treats!

Crystallised Lemon peel Enrobed in Dark Chocolate- combination of zesty fruit and bittersweet chocolate.

Milk Chocolate Enrobed Latte Beans- Costa Rican beans enrobed in fine milk chocolate.

Crystallised Stem Ginger Enrobbed in Dark Chocolate- tangy hotness that will warm your mouth up!

White Chocolate Enrobed Strawberries- perfect balance of cream, sweet, and tart berry.

So if you’re looking for an alternative easter gift for those bored of eggs then you can find them here www.eicfinefoods.com.

Also at the flagship store in London’s Conduit Street.

Prices range from £7.99–£9.95 for a 220g tube.

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