Cupcake Queen

Mimi ON May 04, 2012 AT 1:56 pm

Dr. Oetker Cupcake Queen

Among the flurry of Jubilee-inspired emails and products we’ve been receiving since the start of the year, this little (or rather large) treat caught our sweet-toothed attention. A 6m² portrait of Her Majesty created using over 2,012 hand-decorated cupcakes! What’s not to love?

The edible artwork, commissioned by Dr. Oetker, was created by food artist extraordinaire Prudence Straite and involved a recipe that included; 50 kg of Icing, 20 kg of Marzipan, over 40 tubes of Gel Food Colouring. Ten cans of Gold and Silver Shimmer Spray and 60, 000 Soft Sugar Pearls were required to decorate the bejewelled diamond crown and 20 kg of Plain and Milk Chocolate Chips and 30 kg of Easy Swirl Cupcake Icing were used to define the Queen’s facial features.

Having spent over 12 years creating edible art, the Cupcake Queen portrait took over 300 hours to create.

Prudence said,

 ”I have been working with savoury food and chocolate for years, but this was a whole new challenge. Decorating over 2,000 cupcakes was no mean feat. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much icing in my studio before!”

In a bid to minimise waste the Cupake Queen was created using out of date stock, which we’re somewhat glad about, because the thought of all of those cupcakes are giving us toothache!

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