Easter at Harrods

Mimi ON Apr 18, 2011 AT 9:00 am

The Harrods dark chocolate egg encrusted with edible diamonds!

The Harrods dark chocolate egg encrusted with edible diamonds!

by John Gregory-Smith

Harrods basically has everything you could ever want in those, rather large, four walls. This Easter you can truly indulge someone, and that could well be yourself, with their superb collection of Harrods limited edition chocolate Easter eggs. And yes, edible diamonds have obviously been used!

The exquisite Easter eggs have been made by British Master Chocolatier Marc Demarquette the most awarded luxury chocolatier in the UK in 2010 (Great Taste Awards).  Marc and his team have used Harrods’s very own couveture Milk and Dark chocolate to create three exclusive products;

- The Chocolate Easter Hen, which rests on half an egg, as a nest that has been hand-moulded using an antique chocolate mould and filled with golden praline eggs. (£55) This is one of the most amazing Easter eggs I have ever had!!

- A large Luxury Velvet Egg made of the Harrods Dark chocolate and coated with a fine mist of white chocolate velvet. A dozen praline eggs decorate the outside of the egg to create a unique and edible piece of Easter Art (£60).

- The third and final commission is one of pure exquisiteness and luxury indulgence. A dark chocolate egg encrusted with 2 signature Harrods “H’s” in edible diamonds. Each egg has taken over 2 days of skilled chocolatier work to make with dedicated precision to detail. Limited numbers were made to reflect the uniqueness of the commission (£90).

These truly indulgent Easter eggs are available exclusively from Harrods this Easter.


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