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by Julia Fisher

February Forecast.

February Forecast.

Aries Mar 21st-Apr 20th

 You may have to wait until the middle of February to feel the full benefit of all your hard work, but within your internal world you will be feeling positive energies from 3rd  when the full moon shines a harmonious light on your gorgeousness, stylishness and magical transformation.  Both Mars and Venus enter your sign on the 20th bestowing beautiful energies to attract and stimulate a fusion of your natural generosity and ambition.  This is also month to think over what influences you, watch for the odd self-doubt days and by the 25th your self-esteem is back, in a solid and pioneering style.

Taurus Apr 20th-May 21st

The focus is on your foundations, your direction, your work and your new well-being goals. These areas can all grow and develop, but they need a solid base, a tangible place for you to start. As you ask yourself questions this month try to answer with the bigger picture, the long vision of where you want to be. Your answers do not have to be rushed, take your own sweet time and by the 12th you will find a new standpoint and new firmness in your foothold. Around the new moon on the 18th try to find some time to pamper yourself, treat yourself, then put your intentions out there, then sit back and wait for your positive results to arrive.

Gemini May 22nd-Jun 22nd

This is a month of new beginnings, new direction and new interests. It is your style to be curious, to be involved in the variety of life but watch for the 5th when you really do need to get down to the details and limit your distractions. There may be a little delay or misunderstanding to contend but when your ruler Mercury goes direct on 12th  you have the green light to move forward. Your social life gets a boost from the 20th when you will be in demand and requests will be hard to turn down. You end the month with your sense of direction clearly signposted and your thinking crystal clear.

Cancer Jun 23rd- Jul 23rd

The past has a way of catching up and you more than most reference the past to enable the present to make some sense. Not all past reminders are negative and early this month a fresh perspective can be embraced to allow you both movement and adjustment for a new viewpoint. This maybe within an old relationship or an old theme you have been living, either way, a new approach is opening up so you can sanction to take the good energy forward and dissolve the negative in reconciliation and a fresh understanding. Your working life is highlighted on 20th when you will feel a renewed confidence in yourself and your environment, it’s time to shine.

Leo Jul 24th- Aug 23rd

Abundance, is a word that means more than adequate, more than average, more than less than…So are you feeling abundant? This month starts with a cornucopia of a full moon in your sign, for you to fill with all your positives, all your more than averages. When you have completed that, there is more…by the 20th offers and gifts abound and the request will be what will you want to receive and what will you want to decline. It’s your life, your choices and by the end of this month your choices should leave you feeling glorious, leaving some room for more joy coming right your way.

Virgo Aug 24th-Sep 23rd

Do you need to be shown, do you need to be told? What everyone else can see is that you are prone to worrying about all and sundry, so much so that you sometimes get lost in their details. Around the 3rd and the 11th, try to step back from worry, instead try to focus on the positive changes you can implement to encourage others to grow as responsible as you are. Sure, they may never surpass you but rather than becoming too insular and being overwhelmed let them show, or tell you their thoughts so you can tweak their finer details, as the practised expert that you are.

Libra Sep 24th-Oct 23rd

Wow, this is a hot month, the barometer is rising and all the indications are pointing to a sunshiny outlook. As both Venus and Mars enter your relationship sector on the 20th  you are sizzling and your energies are at a high, so is there a catch? Very little as long as you show your usual charm and sense of fairness. Behind the scenes you have been working very hard at restoring and explaining for others, but others may not have notice that you too have also been busy at work on your own renovations, your own repairs. It is time to tell and show, you are looking good, feeling good and it’s time to embrace your good times.

Scorpio Oct 24th-Nov 22nd

As the month opens, so too the curtains are also slowly opening for you to take to the stage. After a few moments of apprehension you maybe feel a little stage shy or nervous, you will swiftly recover your inscrutable composure as you are not one to forget your lines or arrive unrehearsed. You have been through the doubts, you can deal with any critics. It is time to not just write your script from the 11th, it’s also time to direct and act it out from the 20th, to a standing ovation from your audience. Well done you, go receive your accolade and phenomenal reviews, you have sure earnt them.

Sagittarius Nov 23rd- Dec 21st

A little light relief for you this month. The 3rd heralds a firmer grasp on a situation at work and this in turn authorises some playtime which you feel you have been missing out on. The 5th is a tricky day for truths and worth reflecting on any potential consequences that could playout after you reveal your plans. As the month progresses you can take a trip away from duty and let the good times roll, but important to set the pace and the intentions first as someone just may misread your enthusiasm for something much more… But you are in the pursuing mood so choose carefully and follow your innate instincts.

Capricorn Dec 22nd- Jan 20th

The full moon on the 3rd brings to light something that has been hanging over you for some time. It is now all about the timing, first the feelers are put out, then the facts, then the announcing. If you can hold off until the 12th all well and good but life is not governed by the stars, only a guidance. If something needs to be said and cannot wait any more then voice yourself, then wait for the response. It is a starting point to release and as your life is so busy this month some release is required. Agreements and relationships are moving forward fast, hang on to your hat as things could speed up even more, bringing you to a pivotal position of an end and a start, enjoy… it’s been worth the long wait.

Aquarius Jan 21st-Feb 19th

The month has two beginnings and they come mid-month too, how can that be? Well, you seem to be building your strengths, building your beliefs and building in a surety of what your next move should be. You are well practised in a civilised approach but now the time is calling for more directness on your part and that could result in a revelation of a delicate issue that needs resolving. A sudden and unexpected meeting can bring you a new take in a relationship. The 18th is indicated to begin, then the 19th also indicates to begin…again with your usual compassion, being understood and valued. The outcome puts you in an exclusive position, to say it like it is and still accomplish the delicate changes that have been long overdue. Your ideas and concepts are often seen as too far out but this month they are welcomed, needed and valued.

Pisces Feb 20th-Mar 20th

You are noted for your compassion and kindness, it comes so naturally to you that you accept it as naturally as you do when you breathe. Now it’s time for you to receive back what you unconsciously give, emotional acceptance and care. Be gentle and kind to yourself, be compassionate to yourself. There is someone who sits on a similar and beautiful cloud as you, someone who ‘gets you’, who can merge and fuse with you. From the 2nd you will feel as if a fluttering is taking place, as your emotions and your intuition amalgamate you become a positive magnet for attracting what you deeply desire. This intention takes no thought on your part, but it does take an open and honest heart, so close your eyes and make a wish. By the 19th a reality arrives and heralds that you are where you should be and that it wasn’t just a dream after all.

About Julia: I have studied symbol and myth for twenty-seven years, exploring the individual astrological chart, business charts, synchronicity and the language of astrology.


Find out more about Julia at her website http://juliafisherma.com/

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