Fluid State 2010

Mimi ON Dec 03, 2010 AT 2:49 pm

fluid state

Cactus smoothie from Garden of Eden and pineapple crisps from Fantasy Island

Attention all Foodies and anyone who is generally fabulous, Fluid State is back again this year with it’s unique food and drink tasting experience.  In their multi-room approach they have transformed an 8,000 sqft space in East London and offer five main experiences.

When you first arrive at Fluid State you’re greeted by an “airline hostess” who will seat you in the waiting lounge, hand you a “boarding pass” and offer you a King’s Ginger Arrival Cocktail.

From there, another hostess will take you to your first destination, either The Twilight Hours, Fantasy Island, Garden of Eden, The Reconciliation or The Palm, Upper East Side.  Each room has its own unique experience—complete with music, art and live performance.  And of course, each room also has its own unique pairing of food and drink.

fluid state

The tree of forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden

One of our favourite rooms was The Garden of Eden (hosted by Crussh).  It’s a magical experience centred around temptation.  They have their own take on forbidden fruit (chocolate covered aerated apples!) and seriously unique drinks.  The first I tried was the Agave Blanco Tequila Detox Cactus smoothie with starfruit and kiwi jerky—and I tried it a couple times, it was so good!  (Bonus, Crussh also offers this smoothie in stores!  Minus the tequila though.)  They also had Organic Wheatgrass Sorbet and King’s Ginger Liquor, I know what you’re thinking, ‘Wheatgrass in an alcoholic beverage!?’ Trust me though, it works and is delicious.  They also have a Bourbon Cherry Bomb with dark chocolate ganache and offer some of their Crussh Boosted Soups.

fluid state

Tequila in The Reconciliation Room

Since I’m definitely a chocolate lover, I thought I’d let you know that you should savour every bit of chocolate handed to you on your Fluid State adventure.  Damian Allsop did all the chocolate for the night, and he got it right!  Our favourite was the chocolate tequila slammer matched with Herradura Anejo tequila (which is in The Reconciliation).

Honestly, if you love food or are just looking for a fun and fabulous night out you need to look into this event.  Fluid State will be going on this full weekend with entrances at 7pm and 9pm on Friday and Saturday and a Steampunk Brunch at 12pm and 2pm on Sunday.

Tickets are still available, but get them quick because they’ll be sure to sell out!

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