Baileys Orange Truffle Cocktail Recipes

Mimi ON Oct 11, 2012 AT 4:51 pm

We’re celebrating the newly launched, limited edition Baileys Orange Truffle with these three autumn-weather worthy recipes. Opt for the warming Baileys Melted Orange Truffle as a naughty chocolate-y treat a chilly winter’s evening, the Baileys Orange Truffle Deluxe as an after dinner delight and the Baileys Ice Crush for a luxe, chilled cocktail.

Baileys Orange Truffle Deluxe

A luxuriously smooth cocktail infused with ginger and indulgent Baileys Orange Truffle flavour. Sheer sophistication.

Baileys Orange Truffle Deluxe

·         25ml Baileys Orange Truffle flavour

·         15ml Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum

·         25ml chilled espresso

·         1/2 inch slice ginger


1.     Muddle ginger in a cocktail shaker with Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum.

2.     Add chilled espresso and Baileys Orange Truffle flavour.

3.     Strain into a cocktail glass and enjoy.

12.25g of alcohol per serve



The Baileys Crush

Ice-cold and deliciously rich; you’re guaranteed to fall in love.

Baileys Ice Crush

·         50ml Baileys Orange Truffle flavour

·         25ml cream

·         Several ice cubes

·         2 chocolate truffles

·         Fresh whipped cream


1.     Place several ice cubes in a blender with 50ml of Baileys® Orange Truffle flavour, 25ml of cream and two large chocolate truffles.

2.     Blend until completely smooth and pour into a glass.

3.     Top it off with a generous helping of whipped cream.

10.86g of alcohol per serve



The Melted Orange Truffle

Treat yourself to a nice warm glass of pure self-indulgence.

Baileys Melted Orange Truffle


·         50ml Baileys Orange Truffle flavour

·         1 tbsp. hot chocolate powder

·         200ml hot milk

·         Fresh whipped cream

·         Chocolate dust


1.     Add one tablespoon of hot chocolate powder to a glass of warm milk.

2.     Gently pour in 50ml of Baileys Orange Truffle flavour and add a generous dollop of cream on top.

3.     Finish with a delicate sprinkle of chocolate dusting.

10.86g of alcohol per serve

Bailey’s Orange Truffle £20.24 available exclusively at Tesco while stocks last.

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