Chocolate Easter Flip Cocktail

BATD ON Mar 28, 2013 AT 9:55 am

Shaken & Stirred Chocolate Easter Flip

A play on a classic ‘flip’, featured in the 1862 ‘Bon-Vivant’s Companion’, Shaken & Stirred’s Chocolate Easter Flip  is ceated with delicious dark and intense chocolate liqueur and luxurious cognac. Once shaken together with egg and cream the cocktail will have the froth that gives it the ‘Flip’ name.  It’s a fabulously extravagant cocktail, perfect as a warming indulgence to sip over Easter – like drinking chocolate Easter eggs!

Chocolate Easter Flip Cocktail


35ml Cognac

25ml Mozart Dark Chocolate Liqueur (or similar)

3 Dashes orange bitters

1 Whole egg

1tsp Caster sugar

25ml Fresh single cream

Orange zest

Grated chocolate



*  Shake the first six ingredients together

*  Strain into a bowl or egg shaped glass

*  Grate over dark chocolate and orange zest

*  Garnish


Use a bowl or egg shaped glass and garnish with a chocolate ‘matchstick’ as a stirrer

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