Classic Summer Tipples Get Fancy With New Flavours

BATD ON Jul 02, 2013 AT 9:07 am

Not content with supplying us with our favourite, classic summer tipples, the always-striving-to-be-better folks at Pimm’s have launched a brand new, special edition Pimm’s, Blackberry and Elderflower.

Pimm’s® Blackberry & Elderflower

Just in time for the heat, this particular blend is best served icy cold, mixed with a splash of lemonade and topped with chilled blackberries for that instantly recognisable and refreshing summer sip.

Pimm’s® Blackberry & Elderflower

Pimm’s Blackberry & Elderflower £15.49 for 70cl or £1.85 for a pre-mixed picnic-ready can. 


For a lighter summer option, Gordon’s has ingeniously developed a unique variation of the original Gordon’s London Dry Gin, combining  it with natural cucumber. Intended to be served with tonic for a refreshing and innovative gin-and-tonic-taste, this new blend sold by the name Gordon’s Crisp Cucumber is ideal over ice and garnished with lemon and cucumber for a colourful post-work drink.

Gordon’s Crisp Cucumber

Perfect for picnics in the park, Gordon’s is also introducing a new range of pre-mixed flavoured cans.

Gordon’s & Tonic with a dash of elderflower is a thirst-quenching, dream-in-a-can on a mid-summer day. Or plump for the sophisticated Gordon’s & Tonic option, with a hint of cucumber. The crisp, rejuvenating taste is so smooth you won’t even believe that flavour came from a can.

Gordon’s Crisp Cucumber, £15.49 for 70cl, Gordon’s & Tonic with Elderflower and Gordon’s & Tonic with Cucumber, both £1.85

Gordon’s & Tonic with a hint of cucumber

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