Caffeine-Fix Thirst Quenchers

Mimi ON Nov 15, 2012 AT 4:40 pm

Step away from the Starbucks as we’ve discovered two new chilled coffee-based drinks that are currently satisfying our needs for a caffeine fix, without the sugar-laden syrups and almost-a-whole-meal’s worth of extra calories.

Our coconut-water addictions have taken a caffeine hit as the latest offering, Coco Cafe combines all the hydrating, nourishing and body-boosting benefits of pure coconut water with a shot of expresso and a splash of low-fat, 2% milk. Neither too sweet, nor too strong, if you love your afternoon expresso but always feel as though you should be reaching for a slightly-healthier option, this is the perfect compromise.

Coco Cafe

Available at Waitrose, Wholefoods, Planet Organic  at £1.29 for 330ml


We’re loving Emmi Caffe Latte‘s in the office as an afternoon pick-me-up. Smooth, strong, not-too-sweet and with a creamy aftertaste they’re the coffee-lovers chilled choice. And at just 136 calories a cup they’re far better than some of their sugar-laden peers.

Oh and how sweet is the Christmas packaging update? Now that’s really something to rival the red Starbucks cups.

Emmi Caffe Latte

Emmi Caffe Latte £1.29 available nationwide 



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