Devnaa: Indian Inspired Confectionary

BATD ON Jun 28, 2013 AT 9:07 am

In my eyes (and the nutritionist’s) if you’re going to indulge in chocolate don’t waste the calories or the sugar-count on a bar of bland but sickly-sweet milk chocolate. Instead, spend a little more money on something completely divine and indulgent. A treat that oozes quality. That, with just a couple of bites – thanks to a high cacao content – satisfies those screaming sugar cravings.

Devnaa Chocolates

This range of Indian inspired milk, white and dark chocolates from Devnaa hits the spot perfectly.

If you’re not won over at first glance by the vibrant shades of fuchsia pink, purple, gold and lime green, nor by the traditional ‘tiffin’ box style packaging, we guarantee the exotic chocolate assortment will sway you. A unique combination of fine flavours, real ground spices and truly authentic Indian sweet-tastes blended with luxurious, and quality, chocolate, Devnaa has created a range quite unlike anything you’d find in the depths of a Quality Street box.

Rich dark chocolate encases the softest fondant creams in delicate combinations of Rose and Ginger. Coconut and Cardamom swirl in creamy caramel blends. Cinnamon infuses hazlenut praline and feather-light puffed rice within a soft milk chocolate square. And a melt-in-your-mouth Saffron and Ginger fudge sits in a chocolate diamond.

Although you’ll struggle to stop yourselves, these are chocolates to treasure, not to scoff.

Devnaa: Indian Inspired Chocolates. Signature Chocolate/ Sweet/ Assorted Tiffins (16 pieces) £14.99. Double Signature Chocolate/ Sweet Tiffins (32 pieces) £28. @Devnaa

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