Gelupo Launches at Selfridges

Mimi ON Jul 12, 2012 AT 10:30 am

The delicious mini Gelupo

Sunshine is a rarity right now, so I suggest you head to Selfridges and try some of the new frozen desserts by the delicious Soho based Gelupo.

The “Gelupo Coppa” selection includes Italian classics, Tiramisu and Zuppa Inglese alongside all-time favourites Peanut Banoffee Pie, Raspberry Lemon Meringue Pie, Mint – Chocolate & Hazelnut Brownie, and Opera.

Gelupo Coppa can be purchased in single pots for £3.95 each, or £11.95 for a beautifully-designed box of four – a perfect gift for any dinner party.

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