How to Make a Kale Smoothie

BATD ON Apr 29, 2013 AT 9:00 am

A kale smoothie might sound hard to digest first thing in the morning but trust me it really tastes so much better than it looks!

After some horrified reactions to the image of what was in my blender this morning, yes I’m talking about you Ms Laverne. It turns out quite a few people might just take the plunge and join me on my lovely green sludge journey. Tweet me if you do @beautyanthedirt.

Now these are the ingredients I use, everyone will have their own preferences and tastes, so there’s no set recipe, just go with what works for you, but whatever you do, don’t skip the greens, the kale is the key ingredient to a super healthy kick start to your day. There’s no other way I could eat raw greens in the morning.

Kale Smoothie Recipe

I know this is quite a mix, but once you have all the packets to hand, they last a while and are dry ingredients so they don’t go off. You get into a routine of a sprinkle of each, again just adjust to taste.

Place in a blender:

Almond Milk (I also use Oat or Rice Milk)

Ice water / ice cubes

2 Large handfuls of kale

1 Banana

Blueberries (use any other berries you have)

3-4 Prunes

Goji berries

Pumpkin Seeds


Sunflower Seeds

Spirulina Powder*

Maca Root Powder*

and blend…

Some ingredients you might not have used before:

Spirulina Powder is a type of algae. I know it would taste disgusting on its own, but a spoonful is easily disguised in your smoothie and when you see all the incredible goodness that it has you’ll use it, I promise. See here for the full list of benefitsĀ

Maca Root Powder is a superfood packed fullĀ of vitamins, minerals, and building blocks that fuel brain function, ease hormone irregularities, and nourish the body.

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