The Healthiest (and Yummiest) Alternative To A Mug Of Hot Chocolate

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It’s that time of year again when layers of clothing, beautifully tailored new season trends and a winter coat means that body woes get pushed to the back of your mind for another 6 months – or at least until the next option for bikini-baring. . .  But don’t let the cold wreak havoc with your newly acquired healthy lifestyle. Because, as we’ve recently discovered, there are numerous ways of satisfying those cold-season comfort food cravings without loading up on refined foods and sugars. . .

Take this super delicious (and surprisingly healthy) alternative to chocolate milk – or indeed hot chocolate, courtesy of The Detox Kitchen.

Simply replace powdered, sugary sachets (where you just add hot water) that have no nutritional value with pure, raw cacao to boost good cholesterol, protect against heart disease, reduce insulin resistance (and therefore the chance of developing diabetes), lessen anxiety and trigger the production of happiness hormones, endorphins. Blend with Medjool dates (for added sweetness), almond milk and a dash of cinnamon for the healthiest, heartiest and most delicious chocolatey drink. Perfect for dark wintery evenings.

Chilled Cacao milk


Serves 2

40g x dates (Medjool dates are the sweetest and softest so try to get hold of these.)

500ml x almond milk

20g x 100% cacao powder

½ tsp x cinnamon


To Make

Remove the stones from the dates and soak them in boiling water for 10 minutes. Drain and place the dates in a blender with the almond milk, cacao power and cinnamon. Blitz for 5 minutes until completely smooth. Chill completely in the fridge before drinking. Or warm gently in a pan.


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