Tis The Season (For Asparagus)

BATD ON Jun 04, 2013 AT 10:04 am

For optimum health (and to treat your tastebuds!) we should be eating in accordance with the seasons. The key is to buy fresh, local  produce at the height of the time it’s ‘in season’. And this season it is all about asparagus.

Knowing this only too well, The Northall, Corinthia Hotel London’s British restaurant, is celebrating the ‘Great British Kitchen’ with a focus on locally sourced ingredients for each season of the year. The initiative, led by executive chef Garry Hollihead, will showcase the highest quality of seasonal ingredients from around the country with specially prepared dishes.

Different delicious meals featuring asparagus prepared by Chef Garry Hollihead.

This delectable initiative will begin with asparagus season starting in May. The Northall will produce a variety of mouth watering dishes that include asparagus for customers to sample.

Garry Hollihead says: “At The Northall we have always showcased the very best of British artisan produce. Now we want to take this one step further. With a focus on a particular ingredient each season we hope to offer guests a really unique chance to understand and try all the varieties of that ingredient and taste some of the very best examples from across the country.”

So give yourself (and your mouth) a treat and make a reservation! For more information on The Northall seasonal initiatives and menus please visit www.thenorthall.co.uk.

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