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by Chrissy Iley

Beverley Hills Chiromed Spa.

Beverley Hills Chiromed Spa.

I can’t step out with seeing another medi spa or pedicurist offering an ionic foot detox. They are this year’s foot fish in a tank. Remember those foot spas containing tiny fish that nibbled away at your dead skin?

Ionic foot detoxing is surrounded by the same myth or magic debate. You place your feet in an ionic foot bath and the water turns brown and muddy with your toxins, or the water just turns brown and muddy because they put something in the water.

I went to the Beverly Hills ChiroMed Wellness Spa who offer an extensive range of testing for various allergies and toxicities, their main claim being your vital organs might only be operating at 20 per cent, that you wouldn’t necessarily feel the difference but they can get them working at 100 per cent.

As soon as you enter you are enveloped in a sage smell. They also offer inner engineering, which is a programme gleaned from the science of yoga that offers tools to rejuvenate mind, body and spirit.

Getting rid of most chronic diseases depends on vital detoxing, so I started with the foot spa, which after 30 minutes turned from pure to brown sludge. I am told the more foot baths you have the less toxins you have to release and the less brown the water.

The point of the detox is to make the body’s pH more alkaline. The alkaline diet is the current buzzword for good health. The more alkaline you are, the less prone you are to contracting diseases such as osteoporosis or cancer. How could I not have a foot bath?

As this detox doesn’t go via the stomach you don’t usually feel the usual detox side effects such as nausea, headaches and exhaustion. In fact I just felt very relaxed. But then again I had been sitting down and smelling sage.

Sceptics question how you can release toxins via your feet? All I can say is it felt good and I felt energised.

I followed the foot detox with a massage from Muriel at the spa. Muriel’s hands dove into my skin as if she was massaging the organs inside. She moved muscles. Literally. She moved everything. I have never felt such healing hands. Muriel may indeed have magical powers. She is a goddess of massage and at the moment they are running a special for $49 an hour, which is possibly the best $49 ever spent.

Beverly Hills Chiro Med Wellness Spa, 292 South La Cienega Blvd. #101, Beverly Hills, CA 90211. Phone: 310-289-9770.

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