Freixenet Shaken & Stirred Summer Cocktails

Mimi ON Jul 26, 2012 AT 11:32 am

Freixenet Summer Cocktails

The mini heat wave that we’re experiencing means only one thing. . . post-work socialising with thirst quenching drinks in the last of the day’s sunshine. This week we’ve been mixing things up a little with these specially created offerings from Shaken & Stirred, courtesy of Freixenet.

The Freixenet Golden Summer is a seasonal twist on a classic sidecar; or if you like your drinks long and fruity try the Freixenet Sunshine Crush.  And, finally why not mix up a Freixenet Colada, a perfect drinking-in-the-sunshine thirst quencher.

The Freixenet Golden Summer

1 tsp Apricot Jam

25 ml Cognac

15 ml Triple Sec (orange liqueur)

½ Fresh Lemon Juice

Freixenet Cordon Oro



Shake the cognac and triple sec with the apricot jam and fresh lemon juice over ice

Strain into glass

Top with chilled Freixenet Cordon Oro


Sugar rim and lemon twist

Martini (or coupette)


A seasonal twist on a classic sidecar.  The Freixenet Golden Summer is a perfect balance of sweet and sour, Apricot jam and easy drinking Freixenet Cordon Oro balance the cognac and lemon juice.  A warm, golden cocktail, with a chic sugar rim and apricot twist adding a little chic sophistication.  Perfect to add a little sense-of-the-Mediterranean to your day.

The Freixenet Sunshine Crush


The Freixenet Sunshine Crush

1 Wedge Orange

1 Wedge Lemon

1 Wedge Lime

1 Raspberry

1 Srawberry

1 Sprig Mint

25ml Black Raspberry Liqueur

Freixenet Cordon Rosado



Squeeze the citrus fruit into the glass

Add the berries and mint

Pour in the raspberry liqueur

Add crushed ice

Top with Freixenet Cordon Rosado

Sprig of mint



High ball (or sling)

This is quite simply summer in a glass.

The Freixenet Colada

15 ml Overproof Navy Rum

25 ml Freshly Squeezed Pineapple Juice

10 ml Coconut Syrup/ 3 Dashes of Coconut Essence

Freixenet Cordon Negro

2 Dashes of Bitters



Shake the rum, pineapple juice and coconut over ice

Pour into a chilled glass

Top with Freixenet Cordon Negro

Finish with 2 dashes of bitters


Pineapple leaf



Evocative of relaxed days, azure seas and Caribbean blue skies, the Freixenet Colada is a fun and summery adaptation of one of the best known cocktails of all time.  The addition of Freixenet Cordon Negro to the tropical coconut and pineapple creates a cocktail perfect for drinking in the sunshine – perfect even without the beach and lapping waves.

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