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Mimi ON Dec 12, 2012 AT 4:51 pm

First Choice Advent Calendar

Instant childhood nostalgia, little else makes us feel quite as Christmassy or excited, as the daily opening of an Advent Calendar. And yet, eating chocolate in the morning isn’t quite as delightful as it was once thanks to the far-more-noticeable effects which is why we’re turning, instead, to the First Choice Advent Calendar to get our daily seasonal fix.

First Choice Advent Calendar

In the countdown to Christmas the experts in all-inclusive holidays, First Choice,  are giving away travel-friendly delights, such as an iPad mini, cameras as well as holiday discounts, each and every day. Pop back to the site each day to discover what is hidden behind each window and don’t forget to take a peek on Day 24 when one lucky person will win all of the prizes (with the exclusion of the holiday discounts)!

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