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BATD ON Jul 10, 2012 AT 12:32 pm

Honey & Co

By Chrissy Iley

It is very exciting when your life can suddenly change for the better and so unexpectedly. Who knew that the most wonderful food in the world would suddenly appear just around the corner from me.

Honey & Co (Food from the Middle East) is a tiny emporium that amazes me and other locals every day. It has only been around for about a month and not even open for dinners yet, although there’s a strong campaign in the neighbourhood. Lunch is packed, and here’s why.

Haifa style falafel with tahini is quite simply the best on the planet, light not heavy , crispy on the outside, soft and fluffy not dense on the inside, and lifted by the perfect intensity of tahini. Dainty, not cloying.

The stuffed vine leaves with leeks and grapes are also ethereal. When it says season’s best tomatoes with chilli and creamy feta it could easily say world’s best tomatoes. They are sweet, delicate, crunchy, juicy and a wonder to behold. I think I’ve had them every day since honey opened.

I’ve also had the mezze, which includes a delightful pumpkin hummus, and other amazing vegetables of the day. There’s an incredible spiced lamb with burnt aubergine, yoghurt and tomatoes. The courgette fritters are also addictive. The menu changes every day.

Some of the amazing breads and pastries on offer

It is said that you are either a chef or a baker, one discipline cancels out the other. In the case of Itamar Srulovich, he is an amazing conundrum, wonderful at most. The black poppy seed and vodka cake is a cake I dreamt about. A moist ring of textured delight. There’s a marmalade yoghurt cake and an amazing cherry coconut cake. There’s chive scones, which can be for afternoon tea, breakfast or dinner, divine at any moment. I took them away for dinner last night. The chef worried that I might become too addictive.

Everything is cooked with love. You can taste it in the cooking. He calls it village good and he’s certainly made Fitzrovia feel like a village again uniting all the locals under one tiny roof with one expression – yum.

Honey & Co. 25a Warren Street, London W1T 5LZ. Tel: 020 7388 6175
You can follow them on twitter @honeyandco

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