Global Lust: My Week In Cakes

Chrissy ON Jul 31, 2012 AT 2:37 pm

By Chrissy Iley

The joy and the horror of having Honey & Co round the corner is extreme. The horror is the supposed diet, which simply cannot be adhered to. The diet was supposed to start almost the same time as Honey & Co opened. The doctor may have ordered it but my sanity, the idea that I have something to live for; my pure unadulterated pleasure is the glorious cake that Mrs Honey makes so lovingly.

I have tried a new cake every day. Each one a delight. If not better than the previous as good and different.

My first cake was the pistachio sour cherry and coconut. Moist and moreish with a gorgeous texture and lightness it was a taste of the divine.

Honey & Co Pistachio, Sour Cherry and Coconut

Next up was a peach yoghurt cake. As light as fairy dust but creamy and juicy. It’s a kind of a baked cheesecake but less cloying on the tongue. Lighter in texture and it soaks up the glorious peachiness. The peaches were in prime season.

Next up came the orange blossom cake. It looked inoffensive, ordinary, but it’s a stealthy beast. It came in and it stole my attention. It wasn’t just orange it was blossomy, a kind of perfumed decadent cake whose sponge was springy and light.

Honey & Co Orange Blossom Cake

Then came the Fitzroy buns. Mr Honey said they were invented in 1725 as a speciality of the area. They are sticky buns with a twist, gorgeously flaky and sticky with sour cherries, honey and pistachio. They were actually invented in 2012 by Mrs Honey.

On a particularly bad day I woke up thinking of cake but I was in Spain. By the time the delayed flight arrived and I negotiated Gatwick I had to order my cake ahead of time. Then came the delicious, amazing, textured heaven of vodka cake. It is dense and moist filled with a million poppy seeds and topped with a divine icing.

The next day was a two-cake day – the intense cocoa mini cup cake, which was like a chocolate pudding but with more panache.

Honey & Co Cocoa Mini Cupcake

And then the cake to end all cakes.  This is a loaf of cinnamon, hazelnut and chocolate swirls. The swirls are the tastiest swirls in the world and the loaf the lightest. It is indeed the cake to end all cakes. But of course it didn’t end there.

Honey & Co Cinnamon, Hazelnut and Chocolate

The next morning I went in for breakfast and found as I tucked into my double creamed scrambled eggs with spices tomatoes the smell of the cinnamon buns just coming from the oven. Can there be anything better than a cinnamon bun.

Another person was having a slice of ginger loaf. The ginger, the cinnamon, the cake to end all cakes sitting nearby. It was a petit mort, as some people like to call it, which translates as a cakegasm.

Honey & Co Date and Ginger Cake

 Honey & Co, 25a Warren Street, London 

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