Global Lust: Say It With Coffee

Chrissy ON Jul 19, 2012 AT 4:37 pm

Coffee Should Always Come With Compliments

by Chrissy Iley

There are very few things in life that matter to me more than a good cappuccino. That lift of caffeine with the comfort of froth is integral to my being. I have drunk so many I have become a connoisseur. I used to live above Bar Italia in Soho which is where I first became acquainted with the difference a good cappuccino makes. Theirs is smooth and strong.

Recently I discovered what has to be the most exquisitely executed cappuccino in London. It’s in Galvin Demoiselle which is a beauty of a bistro inside Harrods. You can see ladies who lunch there every day – they like lobster fishcake with champagne accessorised with a good handbag.

The cappuccinos there are personalised. They come with a message, literally written in the foam. Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Would You Have Dinner With Me? Happy Birthday.

They are a perfect date and written in a delicate hand. The coffee itself without adornment is also wonderful, an oasis in Harrods.

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