Global Rant: Honey Bee

Chrissy ON Jul 09, 2012 AT 9:07 am

by Chrissy Iley

Last night I was in Soho House, LA. The garden restaurant has beautiful views and lovely trees. It’s a place where people want to be seen. On the whole classy, helpful staff with large personalities…

We were on the lower deck with a lovely waiter but the seats were so low we felt like dwarves and had nowhere to put our legs.

We moved to another table with a different waiter. The first waiter had encouraged me to expand my horizons and not go for my usual Whispering Angel pink wine or Soho Mule which is vodka and ginger. Instead I went for something called a Honey Ginger made with Brazilian Cachaca, ginger and honeycomb.

The first drink arrived and was delicious. The flavours of lime, ginger and spirit which is not quite rum not quite vodka were sharp but beautifully contrasted with the actual dollop of honeycomb through which I sipped my drink.

Drink number two I amended slightly with crushed ice not giant chunks and it was heavenly. In food, life, art I love it where extremes meet. I love the contrast. Sweet, sour, bread, butter, Lennon, McCartney. I could go on…

I did go on to a third drink that arrived limey and sharp, no honeycomb.

No waiter to be found. I went to the barman who’d actually made these things and asked for the honeycomb to be added.


Him: We’ve run out of honeycomb.

Me: but this is called a Honey cocktail. It has honey in its name. If you don’t have honey it’s not what I asked for.

Him: well it is, it just doesn’t have the honeycomb.

Me: don’t you think you should have told me you’d run out of honeycomb so that I could decide if I’d wanted a honey ginger without the honey?

Him: there’s still honey in it – just not honeycomb.

Me: but that’s me ordering fish and chips and no fish arrives and you saying there are still fish, just in the sea.

Him: no it’s not like that in fact did you know there’s a honey crisis because there has been so much death amongst bees. The honey bees are becoming extinct and honey is harder to get so it’s not just we’ve run out – the world is running out.

Me: Yes but the world hadn’t run out a cocktail ago. Are you saying that I have eaten the last honeycomb on the planet?

Him: no but I’m saying it’s a danger zone.

Me: I hadn’t realised I was drinking a precious commodity but that’s not the point. If it’s no longer on the menu I should be told.

Him: didn’t you like the other cocktail?

Me: yes I did.

Him: perhaps you could tell me that, compliment me.

Me: you are really fantastic cocktail maker. Those cocktails with the honey and ginger were delicious. Now can I have a Moscow Mule?



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