A Night With Dr. Dance

BATD ON Jun 20, 2013 AT 11:28 am

There’s nothing revolutionary in knowing that dancing makes you feel good. It’s why we do it to wanton abandon when we think that no one is watching. Or (for some) especially when people are watching, because, really nothing raises the soul (and heart rate) quite like hearing your favourite up-tempo tune and being able to let go – shaking it around the pool/ apartment/ club.

School of Life, A Night of Dance with Peter Lovatt

Dancer and psychologist Peter Lovatt, head of the Dance Psychology Lab at the University of Hertfordshire knows this only too well, which is why following a sell-out secular sermon on how your body moves your brain last spring at The School Of Life, he is back with his very own dance night as part of the P.E (physical education) series.

Did you know that swing-dance frees up memory, whilst tango triggers creativity and barn-dancing boosts your puzzle-solving prowess! Us neither. But join Lovatt at the Old Finsbury Town Hall and let your mind (and body) be enlightened with a night full of dance where you will discover how differing moves can affect our bodily chemistry, creativity and emotions.

For novices and dance divas alike.

Dance Night With Peter Lovatt, £30, from 8 pm 12th July  at The Old Finsbury Town Hall, Rosebery Avenue London EC1R 4RP. Theschooloflife.com

Here’s a taster from Dr. Dance;

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