Bodyism: The Stress Lowering Workout

Jourdana ON Sep 01, 2013 AT 10:04 am

Yoga teacher, Wenche Beard, takes us through a series of body-lengthening and deep-stretching moves for a total body stress-lowering workout.

Childs Pose 

Kneel on the floor and sit back on your heels with knees as wide as your hips and arms stretched out in front of you.

Breath in and as you exhale lay your torso between your thighs, lengthening your spine and reaching your hands away from your body.

Cat Stretch

Place your hands and knees on the floor, hands shoulder width apart and knees hip width apart.

Engage your abdominals and, as if pulling your naval towards your spine, round your back towards the ceiling, breathing in. Allowing your head and neck to fall between your arms. Hold for 5 seconds. As you breath out, slowly arch your back, dropping your abdominals towards the floor and looking up to the ceiling. Repeat 10 times.



Cobra Stretch 

Lie face down, keeping your hands by your shoulders as if you were doing a press up. Feet extended and relaxed.

Slowly push your torso up with your hands, as far as is comfortable – or until your hips start to come up off the floor. Hold for 5 seconds and slowly lower back down. Repeat 5 times.



Downward Dog

Start in the same position as Cat Stretch (above)

Breath in, and as you exhale, lift the knees off the floor extending your tail bone up towards the ceiling. Push through the back of the knees until you can feel a stretch through the hamstrings and calves. Think of pushing down through your heels. Repeat 5 times.



Knee Hugs

Lie on your back with your legs extended out along the floor.

Bend your knees in towards your chest placing hands on top of the knee and pull knees in with your arms. Hold for 2 seconds and release. Repeat 10 times.



Hip Opener

Sit crossed leg on the floor, with shoulders in line with your hips.

Reach the right arm over your head and lean slowly towards the side placing your left hand on the floor for support. Hold for 5 seconds and come back up. Repeat 10 times each side.


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