Content Summer Wellbeing Festival 2013

BATD ON Jun 25, 2013 AT 3:05 pm

Content Boutique - 14 Bulstrode St, London, W1U 2JG

Content Boutique – 14 Bulstrode St, London, W1U 2JG

Content boutique in Marylebone is more aware than most that summer is the season time to relax, revive and re-nourish. So, just in time for the sunny season, Content launches the Summer Wellbeing Festival, a series of events spanning two weeks that celebrate healthy living via a schedule packed full of tastings, pop-ups, demos and exclusive product previews, all of which will help guide the path to a cleaner, healthier life from the inside (mind and diet) out (skincare and treatments).

Book in for a kitchen cupboard and fridge content overhaul with Medical Herbalist and Nutritionist, Jennifer Derham. She’ll pore over your 3-day diet diary, make the necessary changes and send you off with a fresh healthy-living supermarket shopping list.

Head to the Living Botanical Beauty Bar to discover how to create healthier alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails using plant distillates, herbal tinctures, bitters and infusions, perfect for summer garden parties and refreshing seasonal cocktails with a clean-living twist.

The Culture of Beauty workshop highlights how important healthy digestion is to the skin. With a focus on conditions such as acne, hormonal spots and rosacea, you’ll be invited to a Kombucha tasting bar to take a closer look at fermentation and the role it plays in true inside-out health and beauty.

This first-time festival is more than just a cleanse for the mind and body – but a learning experience that will provide you with health-conscious insights for years to come.

Content Summer Wellbeing Festival, June 24th to July 6th, 14 Bulstrode St, London, W1U 2JG. To book call 020 3075 1006. For more info and workshop dates head to

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