How To Combat Over-Indulging This Christmas

Mimi ON Dec 21, 2012 AT 2:49 pm

For most of us, Christmas is a time of laid back luxury, where any healthy eating plans, conscious food choices and portion-control fall to the wayside. Even with the greatest of willpower the continual temptation of a mince pie here and a yule log there leads most of us into festive overindulgence and a sugar-crash come the new year.

To combat over-eating (and drinking) this season, Plenish Cleanse nutritionist Romi Pulichino shares her top tips and strategies on how to approach the festive social season with us.

Protect Your Breakfast

Ensuring you eat a good, nutrient-rich breakfast is essential during the festive season (as it is every day), even if you are heading to a lunch event. Fully nourishing your cells first thing in the morning will prevent you being hungry at a cellular level later in the day. For breakfast choose from organic eggs on wholewheat toast, oatmeal porridge, an omega-packed chia pudding or even a fresh green juice.

Romi’s message

Plug in your nutrition in the morning if you know you’re going to have a socially-heavy evening. You will feel less hungry, and experience less cravings later in the day.”

Snack Before A Social Event

It may seem counterintuitive, especially as most of us abide by the “I’m saving myself for dinner” rule, but before you head out for the evening, eat a snack. An apple with nut butter, a handful of nuts and seeds or even a high-nutrition protein shake will prevent you from filling yourself up on small-mouthfuls of canapés, appetizers and champagne with little goodness as you wait for your meal. You’ll also notice than by the time dinner is served you won’t be quite as ravenous as if you went in starving. That’s not to say you can’t sample the finger-food on offer – but rather, it will allow you to be more selective with what you try, and you will enjoy whatever you do eat a whole lot more

Rebrand Your Vegetables 

Typically considered an aside to your main meal it’s time to make your vegetables a main, rather than a side, dish. So serve yourself an enormous portion of greens, with a side of turkey and potatoes. This is one time when it’s fine to overload your plate!

Mentally Prepare 

Christmas is manic, there’s no doubt about it, but taking a moment pre-party to mentally prepare yourself for the onslaught is half the battle. Knowing you are about to face a social situation where there is the potential for temptation and overindulgence puts you in a better position to eat mindfully.


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