Mermaid Maternity Retreat

BATD ON Jun 24, 2013 AT 1:41 pm

This Summer sees the launch of the Mermaid Maternity Retreat, the UK’s very first specialist maternity retreat, in London’s Chelsea.

Mermaid Maternity Retreat

Aiming to provide a stress-free oasis to new and expectant mums by way of state-of-the-art accommodation, education, wellbeing and support services, Mermaid Maternity Retreat is a wholly new concept in the realm of private maternity. And whilst the centre won’t offer medical services, what it will offer is birth preparation workshops, antenatal yoga, pilates and exercise sessions plus nutritional guidance, physiotherapy and complementary sessions in the run up to the birth.

Meanwhile, post baby, Mermaid’s 14 maternity-friendly rooms offer a ‘recovery and bonding’ haven for mums who don’t want to be plunged straight back into daily life. With partners, friends and family welcome to visit, nutritional meals served either in-room or at the on-site restaurant and a 24 hour supervised Baby Zone where the little ‘un can be looked after, giving mums a chance to catch up on sleep or enjoy a therapeutic treatment or exercise class, founder of Mermaid Nick Balfour explains how the retreat  ”aims to bridge the gap between hospital and home, by giving you the skills and nurturing that will help you embrace your new responsibility with confidence.”

Mermaid Maternity Retreat opens in July on the King’s Road, with accommodation bundle prices start at £595 a night. For more info go to


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