Move Your Sweaty Frame

Mimi ON Aug 30, 2012 AT 12:01 pm

Move Your Sweaty Frame

Ok, so it’s not exactly a glamourous title, but nonetheless we’re itching to get involved in this ‘get fit’ collaboration between two of London’s hottest fitness brands, exercise bunny boutique, Sweaty Betty and Frame, the dance, fitness and holistic workout studios.

In celebration of Sweaty Betty’s latest Workout Statement line of 80′s-inspired clothing, Frame will be taking over the free Sweaty Betty weekly clubs nationwide with their signature classes fusing ballet, cardio, pilates and some 80′s-tastic (although not necessarily lycra clad) dance. Guaranteed to get your whole body moving, the classes include,

Frame Barre (10-16th September) is a somewhat unconventional combination of ballet and fitness. No ballet experience, nor tutu required.

Frame Work (17-23rd September) is a hardcore, high-intensity, quick-moving class incorportaing a mix of dance, yoga and Pilates inspired exercises. (Not one for exercise novices)

Frame Method (24th-30th September) whilst simple, these isometric exercises to stretch and strengthen the muscles, will leave you aching the next day. Low impact, the movements occur at both the barre and on the mat.

Frame Surprise (1-7th October) The final week of the Frame take over is yet to be announced. Boy do we love surprises.


Classes will be held, free, at all 30 Sweaty Betty boutiques. For more information and to book your space, head to


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