New Year Nutrition Tips

Mimi ON Jan 03, 2013 AT 10:35 am

Hungover? Over-indulged? You may not have been angelic over the party season, but hey, if you can’t indulge at Christmas, when can you?! In an attempt to undo or at least ease the effects of the over-eating and drinking of the past few days, we speak to Plenish Cleanse nutritionist Romi Pulichino on how to recover from the excess.

The morning after the night before the best thing to do is, “be conscious that today is going to a day to replenish, rehydrate and recover” 

“Before you head to bed, drink as much water as you can – you’re body will thank you in the morning”

“Start the day with a lemon or lime water to re-alkalise the body.”

“If you can, a pure green, or healthy, fresh juice will work to replace the lost nutrients in your body.”

“For breakfast forego the urge for a fry up and instead opt for a clean, fresh fruit salad, with a sprinkling of flaxseed. Packed full of vitamins, minerals, micronutrients and fibre, it will also provide an antioxidant boost to help repair the night’s damage.”

“For lunch, a large green salad or vegetable based dish topped with lean meat such as chicken or turkey will give you all you need to replenish vital, lost nutrients.”

“Instead of coffee, which may hit the spot initially but will only work to further dehydrate you, opt for a carrot and ginger juice for a healthy energy boost, or a green tea which will perk you up with natural caffeine and offer a hit of reparative antioxidants.”

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