Smart Start To 2013

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Ok so we’re already well into the month, but we haven’t made any new year’s resolutions this year. It really isn’t worth the let down when you get to the end of January and all of a sudden that promise of no alcohol, no chocolate and a 2 week juice cleanse seems like such a long time ago and so unattainable. What we’re doing instead, is attempting to get into some good habits. Making time to call and see the people we’re always saying we just don’t see enough of, sorting out the wardrobe and taking all the unwanted items to the local charity shop and slowly but surely getting through our ever-growing must-read lit. list.

Smart Start To 2013

Smart Start To 2013

Alongside the practical good habits we’re all also looking at getting into some serious health habits too – not in a knee-jerk, going to hit the gym every other day kind of way, just sensible, achievable things that we can do all year around.

To help get plans in place AXA PPP healthcare are holding a whole series of live chat’s on their website this week and next and they are open to everyone, not just their members which is very nice of them.

It’s all part of their latest campaign Make a Smart Start to 2013 so whether you are looking at improving your diet, get trim, sort out a medical niggle or need advice with your children, there is an expert on hand to help.

There are 4 live chats and the topics are;

Cervical Cancer – Thursday 24th January from 11-1pm. Cervical cancer is the 12th most common cancer in women and one of the few that can be largely prevented by screening. Consultant gynaecologist for the British Medical Council and AXA PPP healthcare expert, Justin Clark is on hand to answer your questions. If you have a question then leave one or join in with Mr Clark here.

Fitness and Nutrition – Thursday 24th January 1-3pm. We could all do with a refresh in what’s good for us and what’s naughty. Join in the chat or leave questions for ex-footballer and AXA PPP healthcare sports expert, David Williams who knows all the answers. Leave your question or join in the chat here.

Heart Healthy – Wednesday 30th January 1-3pm. With over 300,000 of us suffering heat attacks and 100,000 strokes this is a big problem. You can make your heart healthier and AXA PPP healthcare expert and Learn Nurse Case Manager Sarah Evans is hosting the chat and can advise you on everything from diet to stress.

Pregnancy and caring for your children – Thursday 31 January 1-3pm. AXA PPP healthcare’s Health at Hand nurses have years of experience and can help answer all your questions on your children’s health and yours too. Team manager Jackie Hall, will be on hand to answer questions. Get in touch here.

If you can’t make any of the live chats then leave a question either in the comments section below or on the AXA PPP healthcare Facebook and Twitter sites. We’ll get back to you with a response from our experts a few days after our clinic ends. All questions left will be entered into a free draw to win one of two pamper packs from The Sanctuary (worth £75 each). So don’t delay in popping a question over …

*As these chats have now taken place you can get all the answers to your questions on the AXA PPP healthcare site. Question topics were on Cervical CancerPregnancy and your child’s healthHeart health and Fitness & Nutrition so take a look and get your answer.

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