Workout, Wherever You Are

Jourdana ON Aug 20, 2013 AT 9:50 am

Whilst languishing beneath a parasol, icy cold G&T within arms’ reach, soothed by the gentle salty breeze may sound idyllic, for me, two weeks of poolside lazing is not quite the relaxing break it seems. After a summer packed full of health-boosting workouts, soothing yoga sessions and hours of strengthening Pilates, a fortnight totally fitness free feels like a giant step backward. In just 14 days fitness levels can plummet, and no, sadly those dashes across burning hot sands into tepid waters do not count as HIIT.

Workout, wherever you are

But this year promises to be the most soothing holiday to date, thanks to my lightest ever pair of Nike’s and a little TRX trickery both of which will be slipped into my suitcase (who really needs that fifth pair of shoes anyway?)

Whilst the Nike’s are pretty self-explanatory – it’s amazing how a peaceful stretch of white sandy beach can altogether change the concept of running whilst on holiday – the TRX, which will be slung over a sturdy hotel room door, means that I can easily carry on with body toning workouts without hours spent in the hotel gym or missing out on much-needed sunshine.

TRX Home

Short for Total Body Resistance, the TRX (if you haven’t got to grips with one yet) is quite simply a nylon strap (that can be lengthened or shortened) with hand and foot loops typically anchored from the ceiling at gyms, that, used together with your own body weight and gravity, provides a suspended full-body workout; from pull ups to lunges, pikes to raises with no other equipment necessary.

The Home version works on exactly the same principle, except rather than being affixed to a ceiling or metal framework, it has been cleverly adapted to anchor over a sturdy doorframe so that you can use it anytime, anywhere.

TRX Suspension Training Home Kit, £198

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