Healthy AND Delicious – New from Alpro

Mimi ON Mar 06, 2012 AT 5:02 pm

We’ve discovered a delicious new dessert this week that’s quite mouth-watering to even think about. It’s so deliciously creamy and amazingly (and this is the really good part) it’s not so bad for our waistlines either.

Impossible? Nope! Meet Alpro Fruity & Creamy, made from soya and free from artificial sweeteners, colours and preservatives. It’s also a fab veggie choice as it has no animal fats whatsoever, all making it healthy to eat and a bit kinder to the planet too.

Alpro Fruity & Creamy Peach

It comes in a twin-pack (though, who’d actually share?) and is available in two delicious flavours: cherry and peach. We’re all over the peach at BATD.


At just 125 calories a pot you really won’t know you’re eating healthily although you get calcium and vitamin D from each serving, perfect for a mid day snack. There is certainly no compromise on creaminess – they’re yum!

Look out for Alpro Fruity & Creamy in your local supermarket at a RRP of £1.09 (2x110g pots).

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