Brad Pitt In Your Bedroom, Almost.

Mimi ON Nov 09, 2012 AT 3:30 pm

Brad Pitt launches furniture range

Ok so it’s unlikely that you’ll find Brad Pitt in your bedroom, but you could, should you so desire, find a piece of his furniture in there, as the actor debuts his first foray into design next week.

Brad Pitt and Frank Pollaro Furniture

We’re not sure when or in fact how, but it appears that the Hollywood heartthrob has managed to find the time, somewhere within his busy schedule as an actor, director, philanthropist, almost-husband and dad to 6 kids, to put his 20 years of private study in architecture and design to good use to create a collaborative range with furniture-maker Frank Pollaro.

Brad Pitt launches furniture range

Pollaro, who owns a New Jersey based furniture company producing art deco reproductions, is said to have encouraged Pitt to bring some of his many sketches to life in a collection that includes a two-person bathtub that is said to closely resemble an ashtray, a table with a 24K gold base,  a patent white leather armchair and an enormous sweeping structure of a bed.







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