Mr & Mrs Smith Travel-Inspired Paints

BATD ON Sep 13, 2013 AT 10:33 am

Having  frequented more of the world’s plushest hotel rooms than most, the Mr and Mrs Smith team have taken to incorporating elements of their travels into daily life, by way of their very own paint range.

Mr and Mrs Smith At Home, is a totally hand selected palette of 28 shades, divided into easy-to-combine collections entitled Country, Coast and City, inspired by journeys across the globe (from the azures of Ithaca to the soft pinks of art-deco Miami and the green of Balinese forests) and designed to suit all interior tastes.

Mr and Mrs Smith At Home

Partnering with Colour & Paint, Mr and Mrs Smith At Home have also revolutionised the ‘paint test’ by introducing the handy new iPatch, a removable and reusable stick patch of real paint so that you can colour match with ease.

Mr and Mrs Smith paints (and iPatch samples) are available to order £33 for 2.5 litres (excluding £5.25 p&p)

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