Hovis Sets A Challenge!

Mimi ON Jan 11, 2011 AT 12:08 pm

Hovis toast and a poached egg - perfect!

Okay, we know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day but sometimes Mimi’s world is far too hectic to sit and enjoy a healthy(!) breakfast – the amount of snacks in the office can attest to that!

What brilliant timing, then, that Hovis decided to challenge BATD to eat a healthy Hovis breakfast every day for a week to see whether we noticed any difference.

Toast every day seems a bit bland but thankfully Hovis gave us an arsenal of recipes to spice up our Wholemeal bread. Tastiest breakfast? Poached egg on toast. Biggest surprise? Bananas on toast! We never would’ve thought it but bananas on wholemeal toast with a dash of honey is just gorgeous first thing in the morning.

Biggest lesson learned? Carbs aren’t bad! Staying away from carbs tends to lead to inevitable snack binges – by having a slice of Hovis Wholemeal bread in the morning we satisfied any carb-cravings for the day so we could get on with eating healthily. We snacked less, had more energy and felt generally better by the end of the week. Result!

If you’d like to try a few of the yummy Hovis recipes or take part in the challenge yourself, check out www.facebook.com/hovisbakery and sign up to their new App that lets you trial the diet for yourself!

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