Is There Anything The Samsung Galaxy S3 Can’t Do?

BATD ON Mar 12, 2013 AT 12:00 pm

After a rather enlightening trip to the Carphone Warehouse, I have just made the switch to the New Samsung Galaxy S3. I was expecting greatness, but seriously, is there anything the New Samsung Galaxy S3 can’t do?

Samsung Galaxy S3

I’m only a few weeks of use in and already I’m wondering  if it’s actually more attentive than the man in my life . . .

It’s definitely better at multitasking; allowing me to watch HD videos whilst sending texts or scrolling through my fast-moving Instagram feed which means that I don’t have to keep stop-starting all my apps if a call or text comes through. Very handy!

And it actually listens and responds; with S-Voice control I can tell it what I’d like it to do (such as make calls, write texts or change the music track) and it simply does it, no answering back, that is unless it actually hasn’t heard me, rather than hasn’t listent to me!

Great at socialising, well, ok, social networking, the Samsung Galaxy S3 recognises my friends and  linking to their social feeds, tags them in uploaded photographs.

Speaking of which it takes some of the best, ok the man in my life has to take credit for these envy-inducing holiday pics, but it’s also thanks to the 8 megapixel camera which makes capturing moments, landscapes and evenfood porn, simple, quick and picture-perfect.

Shot by the Samsung Galaxy S3

Shot by the Samsung Galaxy S3

Shot by the Samsung Galaxy S3

It’s super smart and intuitive too. For those moments when you’ve stepped away from your phone (yes, I know they’re few and far between or at least they have been since owning this slick little bundle) and have missed a call, email or text alert, the Samsung Galaxy S3 will give you a little buzz when you finally do pick it up to let you know that someone or something is waiting for you!

Oh and did I mention it’s seriously smooth, sleek and powerful? And that 4.8 ” HD screen . . . swoon.


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