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Mimi ON Dec 02, 2010 AT 9:30 am



Did you know that the little paper cups we use for our delicious morning coffees are sprayed with a plastic resin called polyethylene, which renders them both non-biodegradable and, in most cases, non-recyclable. It’s even been estimated that disposable paper cups alone account for up to 4.5 million tonnes of landfill, 54 million felled trees and 340 million joules of energy worldwide every year.

So what can we do? Well the good news is that KeepCup, the world’s first barista standard reusable cup is finally here. The KeepCup fits under the heads of all the commercial coffee machines and has the same volumes as standard disposable cups so you can use them everywhere.

The cups look great and have a very tight seal so you can fill up on the way to work, pop it in your bag and enjoy a hot coffee in the office. The cups are made of four separate components that you to personalise as you like.

Think how well the ‘I’m not a plastic bag’ campaign went down. We should all definitely get involved.

Visit to order your KeepCup now!

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