Kusmi Tea Comes to London!

Mimi ON May 01, 2013 AT 1:26 pm

The new Kusmi Tea shop in London is decorated in a simplistic design of red and white.

The Russian based tea company, Kusmi Tea, is opening their first shop in London on 10 May. The tea company was founded in 1867 and made their Paris debut back in 1917. Now, Kusmi is extending their branches into the London scene, offering clients a wide variety of quality tea blends and infusions. The tea brand is a favorite among celebs and has been used at events like Paris Fashion Week and London Fashion Week.

Kusmi Tea offers over 70 different tea selections, ranging from the basic Earl Grey to more exotic citrus and fruit blends. The staff is comprised of tea experts, available to provide guidance and help when picking out from the large assortment of teas. The teas are available in loose leaf, muslin bags, or in one of their chic, baroque-decorated metal tins. This could be a tea lover’s paradise!

Kusmi Teas come packaged in baroque-style tin cans.

The unique blends has made Kusmi Tea stand out as a favorite among tea companies. ‘Bouquet de Fleurs’ combines citrus fruits and flowers making it a great pick-me-up tea in the afternoon. The health nuts out there can enjoy Kusmi’s wellness teas, one of the most popular being ‘BB Detox’ which is a blend of green tea and grapefruit, leaving the drinker looking radiant and healthy.

Kusmi Tea opens their first London shop at Marylebone High Street on 10 May.


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